Chapter 3 Podcast

S2E14 | Bridgerton Season 2: Trash or Treasure? (with spoilers!)

April 19, 2022

Surprise! All three hosts are together in this episode to discuss Bridgerton Season 2, and we are very divided in our opinions. Was this season trash or a treasure? Who loved it, who hated it and why? What might happen next based on the books? Find out all this and more in our episode! 


Looking for a book mentioned in the episode? Check here!

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Books Mentioned

Bridgerton Book Series:


Books from On My Radar

Spear by Nicola Griffith:

Go Hex Yourself by Jessica Clare:

Kaikeyi by Vaishnavi Patel:

Tanked by Mia Hopkins:

Elektra by Jennifer Saint:


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