Chapter 3 Podcast

S2E3 DUNE: Book vs. Movie Discussion with Jess Owens

November 9, 2021

It’s what everyone is talking about, so let’s join in! This episode is all about Dune- the book by Frank Herbert AND the 2021 film adaptation. Joining Bethany and Liene this week is YouTuber Jess Owens. Expect lively discussion and a variety of opinions on both properties as we discuss the good and the bad.

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Books from On My Radar segment:

A Snake Falls to Earth by Darcie Little Badger:

The Fall of Babel by Josiah Bancroft:

The Bone Shard Emperor by Andrea Stewart:

Noor by Nnedi Okorafor:

All the Feels by Olivia Dade:

Cytonic by Brandon Sanderson:

Jade Legacy by Fonda Lee:

Other Books Mentioned

Dune by Frank Herbert:

Dune Messiah by Frank Herbert:


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